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Through the creation of the Global Doctorate in business administration Association (GDA) in 2016 by CPMC, a platform now allows DBA students to share intelligence, resources and capital. This platform now provides a full range of services and support for the development of companies and industries.

An innovative, integrated, and interactive cross-industry service ecosystem was created. Such a consortium includes both industrial parks, local administration, associations, companies and other institutions and became an integrated work base for learning, production, and research.

our values

learning-production-research ecosystem

New model of learning-production-research platform

The fourth helix of University-Industry-Government Triple Helix theory

Integrating and strengthening innovation resources to form a convergent force for innovation

Becoming the nexus of achieving the integration of the innovation economy. Accelerating, promoting and supporting the integration of innovation resources. Ensuring efficient acquisition, effective integration and accelerated conversion.

Establishing the innovation chain and constructing an innovation service system

Becoming a bridge connecting enterprises and academics. Facilitating the go-to-market of technological innovation. Creating a scientific and technological innovation ecological service system along the whole value chain.

Developing and building an innovation network and create a culture of innovation

Attracting and interacting with innovative entities, further develop and build an innovation network by linking professionals such as intellectual property lawyers, HR headhunters talent companies and venture capital companies.

Create a full chain of innovative interaction and promote a virtuous circle, in which all parties of the innovation chain create a long-term, stable, and mutually beneficial relationship with each other through resource sharing, formal contractual relationships or informal exchanges, forming ultimately a "cluster of clusters" innovative network.

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