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The Institute for Industries Economic Development-National (IIED-N) aims to build industries knowledge systems with companies and higher education institutions. Leveraged by digital technologies, these knowledge systems shall contribute to identify practices and to share economic development cases among partners. Such a combination of resources from companies, higher education institutions enable UCMT online to serve the needs of the newly trained managers and technicians in different industries in the perspective of lifelong learning.

The contributions of IIED-N include industries knowledge maps, companies' knowledge extraction, big data analysis, and researchers' expertise gathering in order that UCMT online create a systematic map of talents for each industry that shall be managed at the level of each company in the future.


To create industry standard assessment data base for newcomers to learn the fundamental knowledge about the industry

extended service

Construction of basic knowledge elements based on problem-solving that will give participants mobile learning services. These knowledge elements may be a short video from 3 to 5 minutes, providing an "anytime, anywhere" access to knowledge.

Talent training model of IIED-N

The industries talent training system leverage the possibilities of corporate development university and industry research centers. The aim is to build industries talent training and resource models for the promotion of the sustainable development of enterprises, solving talent training problem, helping talents to work globally while contributing locally to the economic development of regions

talent training model of iied-n

The in-depth exploration of the individual needs of users, the refined level of training services, and the customized training of talents have gradually become the main characteristics of corporate training;integrate the enterprise strategy orientation, talent demand orientation, customized talent training path; combine professional skills and general management, theory and practice, globalization and localization.

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