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The CPMC Education Group was established in 2001 as an investment of Shanghai JiaoTong University MBA Alumni Association. CPMC initially focused on education and training. Since 2010, CPMC has grown into a divers corporation, developing toward the fields of global degree-seeking education, executive training, educational technologies, management consulting and digital transformation. Nowadays, CPMC has expanded beyond China and created branches in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, with programs now running in Busan (South Korea), Geneva (Switzerland), Lozère (France) and Paris (France) and legal licenses from these countries for around the world. Within the next decade, It aims to build another 100 campuses 100 additional campuses shall be created, along with 10,000 learning territories with one concept in mind: “knowledge integration towards intelligent management”.

our mission:

To contribute to the emergence of research-powered and education-powered industries’ ecosystems

our vision

To advocate for knowledge-enabled lifelong learning for companies

our philosophy

To enact a customer-oriented integrated education
When studying, we connect to the world
When connecting to the world, you co-create knowledge
Co-creating knowledge leads to innovation

Fusion education

This perspective relies on the idea of “fusion education”: empowering sustainable corporate development.

To date, CPMC has trained more than 100,000 managers and employees from over 5,000 companies and institutions. Some partners in international institutions include UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), UNESCO World Lifelong Education Committee (CMA), Shanghai Management Science Journal (SMSJ), Co-creation Management Scholars Society (CMSS), and the Global Association of Doctors in Business Administration (GDA).

Welcome to CPMC Education Group, welcome to lifelong learning!


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