About GDA

GDA (Global Doctorate of Business Administration) is an innovative and empowering service platform integrating academia, industry and research for GDA members and member companies by uniting the resources of global universities, local governments and enterprises with fullintegration education as the core and knowledge operation as the means.

At present, GDA has gathered 700+ expert professors and scholars, 300+ external partner institutions, 150+ think tank experts and members, 80+ local governments, 50+ world-renowned universities and colleges, and is committed to cultivating corporate thinkers with global vision, full-integration thinking and sustainable development capabilities through the trinity of fullintegration education, research think tank and industrial finance services, and to empowering the globalization and sustainable development of member companies.

Our philosophy:

Initiating World Lifelong Learning Ideas and Building a Global Academy-Industry-Research Ecosystem

Our vision

To become an academic-industry-research ecosystem with global influence

The Fusion-Education Philosophy

GDA continues to empower the globalization and sustainable development of enterprises through the idea of fusion education, form the world's future industry leaders, and help Chinese enterprises to go to the spotlight.

Benefits of GDA Member ♛

Sociogram – senior level resources covering members, experts, academics, professors, service organizations, and government resources.
High-end communities - event communities, regional communities (20+ regions), learning communities and industrial communities
GDA Talk (50+ sessions/year)
Member Support Channel - Assisting individual members and corporate members to solve practical problems
Offline activities (20+ events/year)
Company visit (12 sessions/year)
Webinar for members (40 sessions/year)
Invitation to GDA annual meeting and scientific management forum (Shanghai, Europe)

GDA Service System


Basic service


Value-added services

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